1. Kennedy Lake

    Vancouver Island, BC


  2. clicheseverywhere said: Which do you prefer, digital or analogue? If so, what do you shoot with?

    I love both. Always have. Since I’ve been travelling it has been strictly digital but I miss my analogue cameras dearly.

  4. aroundthemekong:

    The sunrise next to our bungalow.

    Koh Yao Noi, Thailand

  5. aroundthemekong:

    The Old Woman of Tiger Cave Temple

    After descending from the summit of the Tiger Cave Temple, I noticed this woman sitting with her back to the entrance. She sat with a small container before her, waiting for donations. No one had so much as looked at her when I came over and gave her 20 baht. The light in her fading eyes brightened if only for a moment. 

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  7. Autumn in Vancouver

  11. aroundthemekong:

    A village boy gathering clams for his family.

    Northern Phu Quoc, Vietnam. 

  12. aroundthemekong:

    We had two flat tires in one day. The second one was on the outskirts of town far from anything in sight, yet some kind locals called a mechanic and within 20 minutes we had a new tube and were back on the road.

    Here is the view from Monkey Mountain in Da Nang, where Buddha overlooks the city.


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  14. Without much time to explain at the moment: Sidney’s illness is most likely due to immense culture shock. She is fine one day and overwhelmed the next. It is most certainly understandable. All tests came back perfectly fine but keeping down food is still an issue. In the next few days we may need to may some drastic changes to our whole trip. I’m sorry I cannot elaborate any more but very soon you will all know everything that there is to.

    A warning to all first time travellers: Hanoi is not the best city to get immersed in! But do not undermine it’s beauty and splendour and still make sure to see it. We flew down to Da Nang which is far more westernized and has incredible seafood and beaches to die for. 

    Here are some images from Hanoi and Ha Long Bay. I must go take care of my lady.

  15. Everyone pool their finest energy together and send it this way! Sidney is recovering from a dreadful stomach illness… We have had two hospital visits already and she remains incredibly brave fighting it off. And yet still finding time to enjoy the city. I went on a hunt for some medicine in the Old Quarter. Here are some first impressions of Hanoi.