1. Aquamarine

    Vancouver, B.C.

  2. Scaget River, Sunshine Valley

  3. Hamish at Pike Place Market

    Seattle, Washington

  4. The creator and contributor of International Inquiry: Jacqueline Langen.

  5. In-camera double exposure: Sidney at Angkor Tom

    Siem Riep, Cambodia

  7. Zach trying for a roadside tactical

  8. Kennedy Lake

    Vancouver Island, BC


  9. clicheseverywhere-deactivated20 said: Which do you prefer, digital or analogue? If so, what do you shoot with?

    I love both. Always have. Since I’ve been travelling it has been strictly digital but I miss my analogue cameras dearly.

  11. aroundthemekong:

    The sunrise next to our bungalow.

    Koh Yao Noi, Thailand

  12. aroundthemekong:

    The Old Woman of Tiger Cave Temple

    After descending from the summit of the Tiger Cave Temple, I noticed this woman sitting with her back to the entrance. She sat with a small container before her, waiting for donations. No one had so much as looked at her when I came over and gave her 20 baht. The light in her fading eyes brightened if only for a moment. 

  13. From my travel blog:


  14. Autumn in Vancouver